You can now pay club membership fee Online!

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Membership is open to all Matured Muslims.

Members are expected to always abide by Islamic code of conduct as found in the Qur’an and Authenticated Hadith (narrations and actions) of prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

Payment of membership fees and Regular reading of books and also participation at group book discussions are required for active membership.

Online Membership is also allowed.

Your membership fees will assist in the growth of the Club.

We appreciate all our members!

Membership fees:

Working Class - N10,000.00 per annum

Non-working or Student Class - N5,000.00 per annum

Family of 4 Membership - N20,000.00 per annum


Membership fees (if paying online ):

The membership fee may be paid online using your naira/dollar credit/debit cards. The currency will be automatically converted an you will receive a payment alert.

Working Class - $50 per annum

Non-working or Student Class - $25 per annum

Family of 4 membership - $100 per annum

Membership Type